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The Great Eastern Divide Motorcycle Excursion
Coming in late Summer/early Autumn 2021

This new tour destination could be considered one of those "hidden gems" that often gets less attention, and is overlooked by many motorcycle touring enthusiasts who are attracted to the more well-known and easier-to-find riding destinations.

We have enjoyed many years of touring through such famous places as the Grand Canyon, Zion, the Smokies and Blue Ridge Mountains, the Great Lakes, Glacier, Yellowstone, the Pacific Northwest, and many more. But sometimes the best riding is found by exploring places that may have gone unnoticed by most folks.

The Continental Divide is a familiar geological feature in western North America that separates the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean watersheds from each other. But have you ever heard of its eastern counterpart? The Great Eastern Divide runs through the high country that separates the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico watersheds. It extends from the eastern Great Lakes in the north, all the way through the length of Florida to the south.

Our new Great Eastern Divide Tour will not travel the length of the Eastern Divide; instead, it will focus on some of the areas in the central and western Appalachians that are traversed by the divide. And it's these areas that are typically off-the-beaten-path, but offer exceptional motorcycling!

Our route will begin in central Ohio, right in the backyard of FC Tours, and travel through the beautiful, sparsely populated section of southeastern Ohio, home to the best riding roads in the Buckeye State – and some of the best riding roads found anywhere, in our opinion. This area is considered part of the Appalachian Foothills. From there, we'll cross into the Mountain State, also known as West Virginia. We like this state's nickname, and it is quite appropriate.

Continuing east, we'll cut through sections of southern Pennsylvania and western Maryland, and cross the Great Eastern Divide. We will end up in a historic W. VA town (and a beautiful lodge) that we have visited for many years and used as a base location on our other tours.

From there, we veer to the southwest, exploring eastern W. VA's small, curvy roads and beautiful scenery. Our destination will be that state's best known winter sports location, where we will spend two consecutive nights, allowing us a free day to do some excellent day-trip riding.

We'll continue south, traversing western Virginia, and even picking up a scenic section of the Blue Ridge region before coming in for a landing at another town and beautiful lodge in North Carolina that has been one of our favorites for years on previous tours. Again, the plan is to spend two nights at this location to allow for some free day riding, or even some relaxing, non-riding options.

Leaving N. Carolina, we will roll northbound, through eastern TN, western VA and the Cumberland Gap into the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. For folks who haven't had a chance to motorcycle through eastern KY, you'll be in for a real treat, as the section of the central/western Appalachians that runs through eastern KY is the home of hundreds of miles of small, secluded, curvy roads that rarely see much traffic, other
than the friendly locals. We will spend two nights in eastern KY, giving us a chance to explore plenty of those wonderful roads.

Riding north out of Kentucky, we will eventually cross the Ohio River back into southern Ohio, and continue to enjoy some of the best motorcycling roads found anywhere, until we eventually return back to our central Ohio starting/ending point.

So if your idea of great motorcycling is spending less time on straight, flat roads and more time on twisty, forested mountain roads, put this tour on your 2021 calendar! Our full itinerary is still being built, but more information will be forthcoming as we get closer to 2021. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please give us a shout.

We hope you'll join us on our inaugural Great Eastern Divide Motorcycle Excursion in 2021!