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The Pacific Northwest Coast Volcano Tour
August 11-21, 2015

Tuesday—Welcome aboard! To launch our motorcycle expedition, our group will arrive at our hotel in the Portland, Oregon area this afternoon. Conveniently located near major highways, a major airport and several motorcycle rental outfits and dealerships, our full service hotel makes the perfect starting and finishing location for the tour. Folks who may have trailered their motorcycle to the Portland area will be able to leave their bike hauler at the hotel parking facility during the tour. Tonight we will meet each other and have some fun enjoying the camaraderie and food during our opening reception.

Wednesday—Let's start our tour! Even though we begin this trip in the far western USA, we will still ride a bit farther westbound today. We'll head west from Portland and reach the amazing Oregon coast, and follow highway 101 as it meanders southbound above the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Along the way we will pass by and explore dozens of scenic overlooks, beaches, lighthouses, recreation areas and parks. If our timing is good, we'll spot some whales as they migrate along the coast on their journey between Mexico and Alaska. In Tillamook, let's check out the world famous Cheese Factory (which also makes excellent ice cream), or visit the Air Museum featuring Hangar "B", one of the largest blimp hangars in the world. We'll end our first riding day in the little town of Yachats, Oregon, right on the coast.

Thursday—We will continue south along the coast for much of today, with options to push inland to enjoy the tiny, twisting pavement through the Coastal Range. Many of these little-used roadways started off as rough logging routes that were eventually covered with asphalt. The local riders know about them, and so do we. Back along the coast, we'll roll through Port Orford, the westernmost city in the lower 48 states. By day's end, we'll come in for a landing in Gold Beach, just a few miles north of the California border.

Friday—Today we conclude our ride along the Oregon coast, but our coastal adventures are far from over. That's because we'll be exploring the secluded Lost Coast region of northern California. First, we will pass through Crescent City and Eureka before reaching the Victorian splendor of Ferndale – the gateway to the little-traveled Lost Coast. Following narrow, twisting roads, we will gradually descend through farm and ranch lands, until we reach the water's edge. Hundreds of rocky sea stack formations litter the shoreline. The road eventually climbs back up from the water and pulls us through the incredible Humboldt Redwood Forest and joins up with the world-famous Avenue of the Giants. This area is home to the largest remaining virgin redwood forest on earth. From there, we stop for the night in Fortuna, right along the Eel River.

Saturday—From Fortuna, we finally put the Pacific coast in our rear view mirrors as we climb over the Coastal Range and head toward the massive, snowcapped Cascade Mountains via CA route 36, another big favorite of the local riders. Welcome to the land of the volcanoes! The tectonic and volcanic forces that pushed the Cascades skyward also ensured that the pavement in this region is super twisty and perfect for motorcycling! Our mission today is to attack these twisty roads and complete a loop around the 10,457' Lassen Peak, which is the southernmost active volcano in the Cascade Range. In fact, the only two volcanoes to have erupted in the lower 48 states since 1900 are Lassen Peak and Mount St. Helens. We end the day in Anderson (Redding), California area, where we will spend the next two nights.

Sunday—Today we have a Free Day in the Redding area, where you can chillax and cool your tires. Or you can gear up and spend the day heating up those tires on a beautiful riding loop that wraps around the Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area. Along the way we will roll through the Salmon, Klamath, Scott and Trinity mountains. We will also be in the shadow of the 14,162' snow-capped Mt. Shasta volcano. The route will also allow us to discover countless small towns and villages along our path. Folks, this is a fabulous part of the Golden State that most people never experience. But we will!

Monday—Let's point our motorcycles northward and see more of the immense Cascade Mountain Range. Today we'll follow mountain and forest roads that wind their way up and out of California and back into southern Oregon. Along the way, we'll have a chance to explore ancient lava beds, a byproduct of the Cascades' volcanic action. This area also offers numerous historic sites of conflicts between the Native Americans and early settlers. We'll end the day at the southern tip of Upper Klamath Lake in the town of Klamath Falls, Oregon, the gateway to our next day's highlight: Crater Lake.

Tuesday— We'll have a 60 mile ride from Klamath Falls before reaching the spell-binding scene that is Crater Lake. The deepest and clearest lake in the USA, Crater Lake was formed about 6,000 years ago when the Mt. Mazama volcano exploded, collapsed and eventually filled with water. The resulting crater rim is still about 8,000' high, but the water's depth is nearly 2,000'. We will take our time riding around the rim of the crater and enjoying the beauty of the bluest lake we will ever see. After leaving Crater Lake, we'll ride a series of small, scenic mountain byways northward, passing several more Cascade peaks, including the Three Sisters (each more than 10,000'), along with more large lava flow regions. By day's end, we'll land in Bend, Oregon.

Wednesday—Our northward push continues from Bend as we continue to explore the heart of the Cascade Range. Small, motorcycle-friendly byways through scenic mountains, desert plateaus and ridges are on tap for much of today's ride. We'll spend the day in sections of the Willamette National Forest and the Mount Hood National Forest, and enjoy high plateaus interrupted by deep canyons. Along our route we will pass numerous smaller mountains (if you consider 4,000' – 7,000' to be small), before skirting Mount Hood, which at 11,239' is the tallest mountain in Oregon. It is also considered to be the most likely volcano in Oregon to erupt. Our destination for this evening is the town of Hood River, Oregon, right on the beautiful Columbia Gorge. This section of the Columbia River is on the original Lewis & Clark Trail and later became a part of the Oregon Trail. We'll be at this location for two consecutive nights.

Thursday—Today is another Free Day. Now, it might be tough to extract ourselves from our lovely river-view lodge on the Columbia River, but we have the opportunity to do more world-class motorcycling. Our recommended ride truly defines the "volcano" part of the Pacific Northwest Coast Volcano Tour, because we can experience two famous volcanos in one day: Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. To allow enough time for this ride, we'll need to get an early start. Riding north from the river, we cross into Washington and tackle what may be the very best motorcycle road in Washington on the way to Windy Ridge on Mt. St. Helens. Words can't describe the otherworldly scene at the site of the catastrophic 1980 eruption, which is the deadliest and most destructive volcanic event in U.S. history. From Mt. St. Helens, we'll continue northward and get up-close with Mt. Rainier, which at 14,411' is the highest mountain in the entire Cascade Range. Both St. Helens and Rainier are still active, and Rainier is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. By day's end, we'll retreat from these snow-capped behemoths and return back to our lodge in Hood River.

Friday—Today is our final riding day of the tour, but the fun is far from over. We've saved one more gem of a ride for ourselves, which will allow us to fully explore the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge region. Besides the great motorcycling, this area is also world famous for its wind and kite surfing. We will do a loop that will first head to the east, then return back to the west, giving us the opportunity to ride along the north and south shores of the river. The waterfalls along the Historic Columbia River Highway are spectacular, and this route provides the best views of the gorge. If you plan your day well, you may also be able to visit a winery or two in the renowned Willamette Valley Wine region. Or perhaps take a detour down to McMinnville, home of Howard Hughes' famous Spruce Goose giant seaplane. By the end of the day, we will return back to our starting point lodge in Portland and enjoy each other's company during our fun-filled closing dinner festivities. Our Pacific Northwest Coast Volcano Tour will have come to an end, but many new friendships will have just begun

Note: Total trip mileage including Free Day options is approximately 2,750 with the longest riding day at approximately 350 miles. Daily mileages of 200-300 miles are typical. This is a challenging excursion designed for experienced touring riders. It is not suitable for novice or beginning riders.

Motorcycle Shipping & Rental
Our recommended motorcycle shipping company is Federal Motorcycle Transport. Call (800) 747-4100, x2217, or visit: Our recommended motorcycle rental company is Eaglerider, which offers a nice selection of makes and models in the Portland area. Call (503) 653-3199, or visit and ask for Kevin Brown. There are also additional motorcycle rental options for this tour that we can discuss with you. Feel free to contact us.

Tour Details
The tour includes hotel rooms from Tuesday night, August 11 through Friday night August 21. Our selection of lodges includes unique and scenic locations, peaceful rustic inns and modern full service hotels.

Five (5) full dinners are included in the tour price and are served on Tuesday Aug 11, Wednesday Aug 12, Saturday Aug 15, Wednesday Aug 19, and Friday Aug 21. Included dinners are either limited menu multi-course, or complete buffets. Please note that the group will meet for dinner and eat as a group at designated times and locations during every night except on the Free Day nights in the Redding area and Hood River.

Breakfasts are included from Wednesday, August 12 through Friday, August 21. Breakfasts are either cooked to order or hot buffets.

Also included with your tour are full-time professional Tour Leaders, a custom Tour Book, official highway road maps, travel resources, and a commemorative t-shirt. Your Tour Leaders will handle all applicable lodging and meal arrangements, along with daily ongoing communication of trip plan information to participants.

Chase vehicles are NOT available on this tour.

Tour Costs
One tour member in a room - $3,225 per person.
Two tour members in a room - $2,395 per person.
Reserve Your Space  
A $500 per person deposit is required to reserve a spot on this tour. Please send a check or money order to:
Frank Covucci Tours
13705 Nantucket
Pickerington, Ohio 43147

Your deposit is fully refundable if you cancel before MAY 11, 2015

Reservations are on a first come, first served basis, and we do expect the tour to fill completely. We have a maximum capacity of 15-25 group members.

Once you have made your deposit, we will be back in touch to provide additional information about the tour plans and final payment schedule.

This trip is structured so that each rider must purchase their space for the ENTIRE length of the tour. Sorry, partial tour bookings cannot be accommodated.