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Q: Are motorcycles provided for the Tour Members?

A: No, Tour Members need to provide a motorcycle. Here are some options:
    •Ride to the tour.
    •Trailer your bike to the tour. Our staging point hotels have free, secure vehicle/trailer parking on site.
    •Ship your bike to the tour. We recommend Federal Motorcycle Transport.
Visit their website at:
    •Fly in and rent a bike. Our tour origination towns are home to motorcycle rental companies.
We can provide contact information to those companies, upon request.
One company we recommend is EagleRider. Visit their website at:

Q: Are Tour Members led by group leaders throughout the tour?

Yes and no. Tour Members are provided with detailed daily routing instructions. This allows them to navigate on their own each day, if they choose. They can also opt to follow the Tour Leaders, or ride with anyone else in the group as they please. We try to AVOID lining up large groups and forcing them to follow the leaders, caravan-style.

Q: Do these tours use Chase/Luggage Vehicles?

A: No. Tour Members must carry their own belongings on their motorcycles. The Tour Leaders are among the last to leave each hotel so that they can assist Tour Members along the daily route if necessary.

Q: How large are the groups?

They average between 15 and 25 individuals.

Q: What hotel nights are included in the tour price?

All hotel nights from the opening night to the ending night.

Q: What meals are included in the tour price?

Breakfasts every morning, along with opening and closing night dinners. We also include additional dinners during specified evenings of the tour. Lunches are not included.

Q: Are the meals taken as a group?

Sit down dinners are scheduled for the group each night of the tour, except on nights that follow Free Days (Free Days are days that we do not travel to a different hotel, staying at the same location two consecutive nights). Breakfasts are are enjoyed individually, during the specified breakfast hours at each location.

Q: What resources are provided to help the Tour Members plan their trip?

We provide detailed, custom-designed tour booklets and Official State Highway maps, along with a variety of travel and tourism guides. These resources are all included in the tour price. Collectively, these items help Tour Members prepare for every aspect of the trip.

Q: How many miles are covered each day?

Generally, the daily mileages tend to average about 200-250 miles, with some days a bit shorter, and a few a bit longer. While these mileages do not sound excessive to experienced touring riders, most Tour Members utilize the entire riding day. That’s because the roads we use are usually secondary, slower speed, highly scenic routes.

Q: What kind of motorcycles show up on these trips?

Anything and everything. Every brand of machine is welcome. We get the full sized touring rigs, every kind of cruiser, sport touring bikes, adventure touring (dual sport) bikes, sport bikes, scooters, trikes, and sidecars. We even welcome Tour Members who, for whatever reason, choose to take our tours in their cars and trucks! The price is the same, regardless of your vehicle.

Q: Do we stay in luxury hotels and eat at 5 star restaurants?

Not quite. These are NOT luxury tours. However, we do try to put our groups in the occasional fancy hotel, and plan some tasty, multi-course dinners when they are readily available.

Q: How challenging is the riding on these trips?

These tours are intended for experienced long distance touring riders. Our routes are planned on paved roads (except in construction areas) that can be challenging at times. We ride in all weather conditions that can be expected in the locations and during the seasons when the tours are scheduled.

Q: What if I have questions that were not addressed here?

Just call or text Frank Covucci at: (614) 218-9467. Or email

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