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Rider Reviews

"If you want a motorcycle tour that provides camaraderie without a 'thundering herd' riding experience, then FC Tours are for you. The Official Tour Books and other information Frank provides for these motorcycle adventures ahead of time allow us to pre-plan our tour to do and see what we're interested in. He does a fantastic job choosing the lodging and restaurants to highlight the experience, and are above the norm, as he books everything far in advance. The overall tour plan, and the great twisty roads are definitely selected with motorcycle riders in mind. We've been on many FC Tours will definitely be back again."

—Roy & Paula M., Loudon, TN

"Frank, as always, we had a wonderful time on the tour. Everything was amazing!"

—Gary & Rosemary M., Granby, CT

"Frank Covucci's Northeast Autumn Tour was a smorgasbord of delightful northeast fall foliage, scenery, and hidden backcountry roads, complete with 'post-apocalyptic traffic conditions' (as in mainly zero traffic)!"

—Tom D., Oyster Bay, NY

“My wife and I have been taking motorcycle tours organized and led by Frank Covucci since 2000. These tours are always our most enjoyable vacations. The planning and preparation are beyond comparison. Participants receive a tour pack weeks before the tour full of information including general tour information, maps, daily tour route with detailed explanations, brochures on points of interest, and more. Routes, scenery, meals, and lodging are very well planned. All the hassle of planning is taken care of; participants can just show up and enjoy the ride! We highly recommend FC Tours to anyone looking for a world-class motorcycle touring adventure.”

- Joe & Cathy K., Lombard, IL

"I've always felt that FC Tours were a good dollar value. I really enjoy riding, and have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have been able to participate in these tours, and meet such a wide variety of like-minded folks. These tour groups remind me of when I was in the U.S. Navy, when being on board a ship together we were all ship mates. Regardless of our backgrounds, we were all in it together. FC Tour groups are like that, because regardless of our backgrounds, we are all just riders enjoying a common interest, and good times."

—Bob F., Gillespie, IL

"We always tell our friends what a great time we have on your tours, and suggest that they join us on one."

—Walt T. & Jackie M., Easton, PA

"Having worked in group travel, I commend Frank on the excellent job with the routes, nightly destinations and points of interest. You can't beat these trips for the scenery and just the great memories. I know that a lot of time and planning go into each FC Tour, I thank you for welcoming me aboard on my first trip with you. It exceeded all my expectations!"

—Debbi E., Ft. Worth, TX

"Your tours always exceed my expectations, which is amazing considering I keep thinking each new one I take is at least as good as the previous ones."

—Mike R., Marietta, OH

"All of Frank's tours are well thought-out and personal in nature. It's not just one large group riding down the road together. All the selected daily routes are carefully planned out to provide something for everyone. And the time just flies by on these trips… It's almost like you're just getting started, and then the adventure is suddenly on its final day. Last but not least, it just feels like family. Thank you Frank. It is awesome, see you on the next one!"

—Art B. & Nannette G., Melville, NY

"We heard about Frank's tours for years, and were skeptical, as we did not want to be on an 'organized' tour. It proved to be far above our expectations!  Frank and his staff met everyone's needs. We highly recommend Frank Covucci Tours."

—Wilshire & Virginia W., Melrose, FL