Covucci Tours

Who We Are

Frank CovucciFrank Covucci is the former Senior Director of Riding, Tours and Special Events for the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). During his 10 year tenure there beginning in 1999, Frank designed and organized more than 100 group excursions and events for riding enthusiasts. These excursions attracted nearly 3,000 participants and traveled through several continents.

Following his career with the AMA, Frank has continued to organize and lead group motorcycle tours for clients. During the course of Frank’s more than three decades of motorcycling, he has covered approximately 350,000 two wheeled miles, with more than 100,000 of those occurring while leading motorcycle Tour Member clients.

In addition to his passion for motorcycle tours, Frank is also a certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor (MSF) in the state of Ohio. His work as an instructor gives him the opportunity to support his commitment to safety, and to welcome and encourage new riders into the world of motorcycling.

Frank also serves on the board of the Ohio-based non-profit group, Ohio Motorcyclists for Children ( which raises funds for needy children through motorcycle-related events and activities.

Frank makes his home in central Ohio, where he lives with his wife, Amy, and their young son, Frankie.